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Zen Gardening, Texan-style

Have you ever wanted a zen garden? Or at least, a garden that makes you feel peaceful and where you can enjoy as your own private refuge? At Sweetgrass 512, we are always innovating and we strive to make your garden or yard space a place where you will want to hang out and feel peaceful. Taking some advice from the Japanese Zen tradition, we've learned that simplicity and placement are key. Sweetgrass 512 can help you if you want to create a traditional Zen garden using plants native to Japan, however, we recommend taking inspiration from the Zen gardening tradition while using plants native to Texas. This will make your garden or yard a beautiful, peaceful space while staying in balance with the central Texas ecosystem. More benefits of a Texan Zen garden:

  • Your garden will bring you peace

  • You'll want to spend time there

  • It will attract local pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds

  • It will be based on principal of simplicity, and therefore low-maintenance

Take a look at the following article about Zen gardens, and imagine it with plants native to Central Texas! Sweetgrass 512 can help you design, plan, and implement these changes in your garden any time. Just contact us with your vision and ideas.

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