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Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

Have you ever noticed how you feel more calm, relaxed, happy, and your mind feels more clear when you are outdoors surrounded by beautiful plants? Indigenous people have know this for millennia, but western science is starting to catch up with studies that show the connection between your surroundings and your mental state.

Though, you don't need to go on some far away trip to feel the benefits. You can, and should, be able to relax and get these benefits from the comfort of your own home. That's where creating a beautiful garden or yard comes in. Even if you have a very small space with which to start, creating a beautiful garden can bring you a lot of peace and joy. You can plant flowers and trees that you find beautiful, or you can also decide to grow fruit or vegetable plants (which are beautiful as well!)

We here at Sweetgrass 512 recommend that people mostly do their own gardening, as touching the plants and earth is great for the body and mind. However, we know that getting started can be daunting and require some outside assistance; that's where Sweetgrass 512 comes in. From clearing the weeds and overgrown shrubs, to landscape design, building garden beds and pathways, and helping chose the best plants to incorporate, we can get the big work of starting a garden done so that all you have to do is maintenance. Take a look at this article from Psychology Today about the mental health benefits of gardening, and don't hesitate to contact us, the Sweetgrass 512 team, if you have a project we can help you realize.

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