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Best Vegetables for Texas Heat

Do you want to start a garden, but missed the Spring planting season and now find yourself in the dead of a central Texas summer?

Did you just move to central Texas and not sure what to plant in this climate?

Or, do you just want to plant at any time of year and get the most of your garden?

As anyone living in central Texas during the summer months can tell, it's no joke. We often have many days in a row over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, combined with weeks without much rain. If you've ever had a tomato garden here, you'll know that they don't last in the Texas summer. However, there are vegetable plants native to the region that do rather well during the scorching months.

Planning, planting and maintaining a garden takes some effort, but with help from specialists (like those at Sweetgrass 512 wink wink), you can have a garden of native plants that thrive when the temperatures top out in July and August. Check out this article below for an in-depth view of some of the best veggies to plant, and as always, contact Sweetgrass 512 landscaping team if you'd like some help getting started, or even to redo or save a garden.

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