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Our Story

Sweetgrass 512 was formally established in 2018 as an ecological landscaping company, focused on the harmonious integration between private gardens and the natural system of which they are a part. We are specialists in the management of trees, shrubs, grass and ornamental, edible and medicinal plants. By working with these elements in every private or public area, we seek to protect the environment, and contribute to the construction of environments that contribute to our clients’ well-being. We strive to make our results beautiful, but also ecologically sustainable and in harmony with nature. We want the birds to return to the gardens, that the trees are strong and long-lived, that the plants provide food, beautiful views and rich smells, or alleviate a flu. We want their flowers, in addition to adorning the garden, to give sustenance to pollinators, such as bees, so important for human life itself. We aim to Keep Austin Beautiful.

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